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states of mind

what it is this section displays the aggregate states of mind identified throughout your session. click on any state beneath the states of mind section and you will see green markers appear on the video trackin


what it is the labels feature gives you the ability to label your session, to make it easier to search for sessions and (soon) to aggregate data related to specific types of sessionshow to use it type in the la

som display count per person

what it is the som display count per person feature enables you to select the number of states  of mind bubbles you would like to display per personhow to use it use the dropdown menu to select the number of st

state of mind overlays (SOM overlays)

what it is the bubbles appearing above each participants head are individual reactive state of mind, or what we also refer to as SOM overlayshow to use it these will appear automatically once the session has be


what it is our transcription feature provides a full video to text transcript of your sessionhow to use it right now you can update the speaker name and photo, and segment the transcript by speakerto update the

situations & outcomes

what it is this is a key feature that helps our AI to personalize your micro-training sessionssituation - the context of your session (for example: learning environment, sales pitch etc.)outcomes - whether the


filler words (coming soon)

identify how frequently any participant uses filler words such as “uh” and “um”

talk time (coming soon)

analyze how long each person spends talking, both in time and percentage