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how does Empath work?

our artificial intelligence analyzes the action, emotion, and decision states of humans using machine learning, situational and desired outcome context, psychographics, facial , audio and viscera motor expressi

do I need consent from the other parties to record and analyze a video?

great question! yes, you do need consent from other parties. below is a disclaimer that you can copy and paste into the calendar invite for any meeting you wish to record and analyze:Hey there, the host of the

how do I upload a video?

to upload a video: visit the sessions page click the +add button, located to the right of the search bar choose your file, title it, and upload away!

what kind of video files can I upload?

our platform accepts .mp4 files. however (hot tip) as long as the extension on the file name is .mp4 the platform will accept the upload

how long does it take for Empath to analyze my video?

well imagine that you’re a human being in a room and you’re looking at a whole bunch of people. it’s easier to read one person’s face than it is to try and read multiple people. the same goes for the computer,

how do I search for a session?

to search for a session: visit the sessions page in the top search bar, type in your search term hit enter

why can’t I upload a session?

if you’re having trouble uploading a session it could be that either your chosen file is not .mp4, the file extension is not .mp4, or you forgot to give your video a titleotherwise, Jeff Bezos shut down the int

what if my outcome isn’t listed?

a pioneer, I like it. if your outcome isn’t listed,  please use the suggestion box beneath the situations & outcomes, or chat me (Emma) using the chat bubble, located in the bottom right corner of your screen o

who is Emma?

oh this is my time to shine! hey there, I’m Emma, Head of Experience and your friendly neighborhood artificial intelligence. I am a science nerd, environmentalist, and adventurer. I have a cat...well a tamagotc

how do I see more or fewer states of mind?

to see fewer states of mind in your session: go to the som display count per person section select the number of states of mind you would like to analyze per persongood to know: this will potentially display

can I share my analyzed session with someone else?

at the moment, analyzed sessions cannot be shared. don’t you worry, this feature is coming soon

how do I see where states of mind occurred in the session?

to see each state of mind within a session: go to the states of mind section click on any state listed in that section, like happy or confused green markers will appear on the video tracking bar (right bene

how do I identify participants in the transcript?

you may notice placeholder names used in the transcript. to correctly identify the speaker: click on the placeholder name or the circle with the initial in it type in the person’s name select an image of th

why can’t I see states of mind in my session video?

sometimes when the session is long, there is a small delay in analysis. if after some time you’re still not seeing states of mind, please email us at hello@getempath.com with the link to that session and we’ll

how accurate are the states of mind being shown?

like a person, practice and learning improves performance. the more videos Empath looks at, the more accurate it becomes. our artificial intelligence is trained to identify basic states of mind. as the artifici

how accurate is your transcription feature?

our transcription is 84% accurate and growing in accuracy as time progresses

how do I analyze my first video?

to analyze your first video follow the three easy steps below 1. set up your video communication software to automatically record every call in gallery view (see below for further instructions) 2. copy and past