how do I analyze my first video?

to analyze your first video follow the three easy steps below
1. set up your video communication software to automatically record every call in gallery view (see below for further instructions)
2. copy and paste this disclaimer into your calendar invites, so everyone on the call is aware you’re using Empath
3. upload your video to Empath and get your results

the details 

record your call in gallery or tile view -  for instructions on how to record based on the service you’re using, see below

download the recording to your desktop -  for instructions on how to download the recording based on the service you’re using, see below

once you’ve saved your recording to desktop, make sure the extension is .MP4

sign into your Empath account and follow the steps below

  • visit the sessions page
  • click the +add button
  • located to the right of the search bar
  • choose your file, title it, and upload away